Saturday, May 18, 2013

Case Study: Optimize Spaces Logo Design

Client: Optimize Spaces is a feng shui company that is currently in the stages of development.

Goal: Create a logo that represents the feng shui system, but not in the traditional Chinese aesthetic. The tagline for the company is “Optimize your spaces so you can thrive.”

Execution: Being an artist and art teacher, the owner of Optimize Spaces had a fairly firm grasp of the design that she wanted for the logo. She provided a sketch of the concept that she was envisioning (below). After collaborating on the concept, name, and overall goal of the logo, we decided to remove the yin-yang from the original idea, change the name from “Optimize Feng Shui” to “Optimize Spaces,” and use fonts that were modern and clean.
Results: Emily Fogelman Designs was able to support Optimize Spaces in their business development and create an effective logo that will be used in all of their marketing materials and throughout their online presence.

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