Saturday, November 21, 2015

Top 5 Reasons a Real Estate Agent Needs a Personal Brand

Perhaps you've heard of personal branding and have been intrigued. Maybe you even know some agents who have successfully branded themselves and considered it a fluke. Certainly in years past, only agents who were ahead of their time chose to create a personal brand.

But now more than ever, having a personal brand is one of the most important things you can do to pave the way for success in your real estate career.

Here are five reasons it is becoming imperative that real estate agents develop and maintain their own personal brand:
  1. Social media levels the playing field between large and small companies, so your own personal brand enables you to look as knowledgable, local, or unique as you like — and compete with the big guns.
  2. Real estate firms change hands and policies routinely, so where you are today may not be where you are tomorrow. Having your own brand enables you to remain constant in the eyes of your client even if you transition from one company to another.
  3. Having your own brand allows you to be as transparent and personal as you like with your clients. Clients recognize you by name, and the more they know about you, the more they feel they know you personally. This builds credibility and trust as potential clients see more than an impersonal company name.
  4.  Ever hear of the cobbler's shoes? A client who sees you as an expert at branding and marketing yourself will trust you to do the same with their biggest commodity - their house!
  5. Personal branding is the best way you can set yourself apart from the crowd and ensure clients know what matters most to you. Personal branding allows you to be more than a logo — it's the best way to differentiate yourself from the other real estate agents in your area.
To learn more about how personal branding can help you grow your business and find out whether my branding services are right for you, please fill out the contact form on my website and I will be in touch within 24 hours!

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